Sainsbury’s said it would continue scaling up its web operations after posting a 40% increase in internet sales during the six months to October.

The supermarket said it was taking around 80,000 online orders per week at the end of the period - more than the 60,000 it said it was at the same point last year, but far less less than rival Tesco, which at the last count was processing 250,000.

Sainsbury’s didn’t release any actual e-commerce sales figures, but said it was still on track to expand its web service to 200 stores by March 2010.

It said 137 of its stores currently offer deliveries, covering 83% of the UK population.

Precious little else was revealed, except that the firm said it would be boosting its Christmas delivery slots by 40% to meet anticipated demand.

Overall, its pre-tax profits for the six months rose to £232m on sales of just under £10bn.

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