monstersIn the on-demand version of Mothra meets Godzilla, CRM behemoth has joined forces with…you guessed it. Twitter.

If its possible that a Twitter story has flown under the radar recently, this one has. Two social media analysts have now reported this alliance of biblical proportions. Twitter, is of course growing at a rate of 1,000 percent. has a market share in the on-demand sales force automation business that grows at the rate of 50 percent.

VentureBeat’s Anthony Ha reports that is adding Twitter integration to its customer service product, which it calls the Service Cloud. “As described to me by Alexandre Dayon, Salesforce’s Senior Vice President of Product Management, the core insight behind the Service Cloud is the fact that customer service has become decentralized and spread throughout the web,” Ha writes. “If customers need answers, they’re no longer calling into the company for help. They may not even be logging into the company’s customer service website. Instead, they’re looking on Google, on their social networks, and on other websites. The Service Cloud allows companies to use their Salesforce customer relationship management (CRM) accounts to find customer service queries across the web, to track them, and to capture those questions and answers for use elsewhere.”

Jeremiah Owying from Forrester says the two companies have also announced the aggregation of their data in what’s called the ‘Twitter Firehose’ in order “to suck in the discussions and allow it to be managed within the SalesForce system,” says Owyang. As a result, brands that use Salesforce will start to monitor –then manage– the discussions that happen online. This is available within Twitter, but Salesforce is ubiquitous throughout the Fortune 1000. The company brands itself on keeping all data and all application inside its tent, and this is certainly a company that Salesforce wants inside that tent.