A Samsung mobile ad campaign achieved a click through rate three times above average by linking directly to its social media accounts.

The campaign, promoting Galaxy Note Flask-kick events, ran across nine global markets achieving an overall click through rate of 1.7%. In the UK the CTR was even higher at 2.36%.

The ‘mobile booster’ display ads, implemented by Greystripe, place social media buttons and branded banners in the space surrounding a full screen mobile ad.

It is designed to encourage sharing as users can click straight through to Facebook, Twitter and YouTube – this then allows marketers to integrate mobile ads into wider online campaigns.

According to Greystripe the campaign achieved more than 31,000 clicks from almost 2m impressions – 43% clicked to Samsung’s Twitter feed, 38% to YouTube and 17% to Facebook.

Of those reaching the Samsung Project Teamwork YouTube channel, 63.28% watched the entire video.

Samsung Mobile digital marketing manager Ji-hyeon Louise Choi said:

The mobile booster ads allowed us to integrate our social media channels with our mobile advertising to increase awareness. An advertising campaign that is evangelised by your consumers is a marketers dream and we’re certainly heading that way with our mobile strategy.”

Data from InMobi shows that mobile ads are experiencing a huge growth – smartphone ad impressions on its network increased 488% in Q4 2011 compared to Q4 2010.

Mobile impressions grew 251% in the same period.

The Samsung case study demonstrates that brands are still experimenting with ways of encouraging users to engage with mobile ads, and linking to social media appears to achieve tangible results.

However, while the increased CTR is impressive, marketers have to consider which landing page will convert best: a social media profile or a customised landing page.