Retail trends with impact: What good looks like in smarter logistics and store digitalisation

In this on-demand talk from the SAP Together Works Summit, part of Econsultancy Live, Maria Morais, Business Development and Strategy Director at SAP, gives examples of what good looks like in store digitalisation, smarter logistics, fulfilment, inventory management and how the precise alignment between supply and demand is crucial to the circular economy transformation.

Empathy and flexibility: The future of online retail

The learning curve in ecommerce is set to continue in 2022. New customers, new competition and new technology abound, with pandemic uncertainty still front of mind.

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Why investment in customer data management is booming in an omnichannel world

With the Covid-19 pandemic leading to greater digitisation in many industries, there are now more brand touchpoints than ever before, and consumer behaviour is increasingly fractured as a result.

At the same time, the digital advertising landscape is changing as third-party cookies are phased out by privacy-focused big tech. Altogether, it now seems an even more daunting task to unify datasets, create a single customer view and, in turn, deliver the personalised experiences that consumers have come to expect.

So, how are marketers investing in customer data management?

Not a moment to lose: Taking control of consumer data with a CDP

Consumer Products companies have long relied on agency and media partners, without owning consumer data themselves. They must take swift and decisive action to build their own consumer databases, or risk losing the ability to target consumers altogether.

This session from the SAP Together Works Summit at Econsultancy Live is available to watch on demand, and explores how, with customer data platforms, Consumer Products companies can regain control of the consumer relationship to deliver relevant and personalised experiences.