Econsultancy has added scenario-based assessments to its Skills CloudTM elearning platform. The ‘Optimising the Retail Media Opportunity’ learning plan is the first on the platform to include this type of gamified, interactive test format, with further assessments to be rolled out through 2023.

The retail media assessment takes around 30 minutes and includes six tests, with each placing the learner in the shoes of a brand marketer within a large food-based FMCG business tasked with setting retail media advertising strategy and tactics. In charge of the promotion of a fictional tropical drink, learners will make decisions on factors such as distribution, placement of ads, budget, marketing calendar and more.

Scenario-based assessments offer an additional format to structured online learning which can help to motivate learners and increase engagement.

Multi-modal learning benefits employees and organisations

Econsultancy’s research into effective learning reveals how multi-modal learning programs can benefit both employees and organisations. When asked what changes they would make to their learning programs, 63% of professionals responding to the survey said they would like a “mix of different learning methods”, which was priority number two, behind training that is specific to job roles.

Report author Stefan Tornquist writes, “Every organisation has its own learning objectives, but broadly they are trying to achieve two outcomes related to digital skills. [They want to both] help their employees accomplish specific tasks today and build the knowledge to do their jobs better in the future. Solving for these very different use cases is one reason that the most effective learning programs blend a variety of learning modes, offering on-demand solutions for so called ‘in-the-flow’ learning necessary to accomplish a given task as well as structured learning to build knowledge.”

Retail media has been a priority for FMCG brands and grocery retailers this year as they adapt and upskill to take advantage of new opportunities within the omnichannel customer journey. Econsultancy offers a range of guides, case studies, webinars and briefings to supplement its learning plan.

About the ‘Optimising the Retail Media Opportunity’ learning plan

This learning plan considers the opportunity in retail media and how product advertisers can best exploit the channel as a new element within their marketing mix.

With the growth in online shopping and digital loyalty, more and more ecommerce-enabled retailers are enabling the targeting of their shopper audiences through advertising. By embedding advertising inventory into their digital store environments, they are creating a new ‘retail media’ channel to reach and convert valuable in-market consumers. For product owners selling their goods via third-party online retailers this presents an attractive opportunity to capture greater shopper demand near the point of purchase.

This learning plan includes more about retail media ad formats and their benefits, how to select the right retail media partner and the actions to take before investing. Learners will then look at the two primary ad formats in depth and how to go about planning, implementing and optimising investment.

Courses in this learning plan:

  • Approaching Retail Media Ad Investment
  • Activating Retail Media Sponsored Product Ads
  • Activating Retail Media Product Display Ads

View the full list of learning outcomes.

Further information

Econsultancy’s Ecommerce Deep Dive comprises 25 courses and 12 hours of learning, which can also now be accessed ‘in the flow’ of work through 60+ microlearning modules.

The Customer Experience and Data and Analytics Deep Dives are also available in structured and ‘in the flow’ formats including topics such as customer journey mapping, understanding experience with data, data acquisition and management, and data activation.

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