A 2-day advanced workshop that aims to create a new generation of 'data refiners' who can extract, transform and analyse marketing data to draw valuable insights and help their companies improve marketing performance.

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      As the saying goes, data is the new oil - valuable and, in many cases, just waiting to be discovered. But, just like oil, if it remains unrefined it cannot be used to power our companies' decision-making engine.

      The Econsultancy's Mastering Data & Analytics Workshop aims to create a new generation of  'data refiners' who can extract, transform and analyse marketing data to draw valuable insights and help their companies improve marketing performance.

      Starting on day one with the purpose, possibilities and limits of analytics, this course will quickly segue into hands-on data analysis of digital marketing channels, platforms, and web-based businesses. Day two, then, provides numerous exercises which will help marketers clearly understand how they can apply analytics across to solve the marketing problems which companies face today.

      Finally, participants will learn how to operationalise what they have learned so that they will finish the course with a clear notion about how to apply analytics to their everyday work.


      Aimed at marketing analytics executives and above, this course will benefit anyone who seeks to gain new insights and improve business performance from the 'oil' of the 21st century data.


      By the end of the course, attendees will

      • Understand the analytics process and when to apply it
      • Be familiar with a wide range of marketing analytics tools and platforms
      • Know how to apply statistical methods and models to numerous real-life marketing situations
      • Be ready to operationalise everything that they have learned about data-driven marketing


      Day 1

      Digital Marketing Analytics Overview

      • Why digital marketing analytics?
      • The analytics process
      • When to use digital marketing analytics

      Overview of Analytics Concepts

      • Fundamentals of statistics and statistical analysis
      • Digital marketing response and explanatory metrics
      • Using dimensions to clarify and model data

      Analytics Tools

      • Web analytics and tag management
      • Reports, charts and data structures
      • Excel, R, and other statistical tools

      Hands-on Analytics Workshop

      • Corporate site analytics
      • B2B lead gen site analytics
      • Ecommerce site analytics

      Day 2

      Audience Analytics

      • Optimizing marketing tactics through segmentation
      • Improving marketing performance using post-hoc segments
      • Clustering analysis to find new segments and new customers

      Channel Analytics

      • Comparing channel performance
      • Multi-channel attribution
      • Measuring media impact on revenue

      Behavioural Analytics

      • Determining consumer interests through search behaviour
      • Personalizing content and offers
      • Identifying 'at risk' customers

      Conversion Analytics

      • Mapping the customer journey
      • Discovering leaks in the funnel
      • Identifying high potential customers and scoring leads

      Operational Analytics

      • Digital measurement frameworks
      • Planning and structuring tests
      • Digital analytics reporting
      • Measuring and proving digital ROI


      • S$1,950 per participant (exclu. GST)

      NTUC Members can claim 50% of unfunded course fees up to $250 a year through UTAP. More information can be found here

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      Jeff Rajeck is currently a researcher, trainer and consultant for Econsultancy in APAC and posts frequently on the Econsultancy blog about social media marketing, analytics and statistics (http://econsultancy.com/blog/authors/jeff-rajeck).

      For the last 5 years, Jeff has been providing SEO, SEM, social and digital marketing analytics consulting in Singapore. His approach is to look at his customers' businesses from first principles and determine how best to reach and interact with their target audience using the available platforms and technology.

      Recently he has advised customers on how to use new social channels for recruitment, using an analytical approach to optimize spend and demonstrate ROI. Previous clients include Deutsche Bank, DBS, Siemens, JP Morgan, BASF, and Fujitsu - each of whom faced difficulty recruiting using other digital channels and experienced superior results on social media.

      Before working in digital media, Jeff provided analytics training to Standard Chartered Bank, The Singapore Exchange, and hedge funds. Originally from Chicago, Jeff has worked on Internet information systems for 20 years, including 10 years of managing a team of system analysts at Thomson Reuters.

      Jeff holds a BA in English from University Of Illinois (Urbana-Champaign), a Master's in Computing from Manchester Metropolitan University (UK), and a Master's in Financial Engineering from Nanyang Technological University (Singapore).

      Jeff is also a proud father of 3 and enjoys spending time with family - as well as the rare moments of peace and quiet.