Why do we buy? Why do we click a call to action or sign up for a newsletter? Why do we do what we do? We like to think we make rational decisions, but it's more complicated than that.

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      Why do we buy? Why do we click a call to action or sign up for a newsletter? Why do we do what we do? We like to think we make rational decisions, but it is more complicated than that.

      Understanding why people behave as they do and what influences decisions will transform your site. It will lead to higher conversion rates, greater return on investment and happier customers.

      This course will draw upon disciplines such as sales, marketing and psychology. This will give you a unique insight into how we make decisions. It will show you how simple techniques can make your design more persuasive and more effective.


      This course will not teach you how to manipulate people into doing what they don’t want to do. But it will teach you how to nudge them towards taking action.

      It will help you understand the factors that influence how people respond to your website. Factors that determine how they react to the choices you present them. Understanding these factors will have a major impact on your conversion rate.

      Course Requirements:A wi-fi enabled laptop or tablet is required for this course. If you cannot bring your own please contact us to reserve a rental laptop at a cost of £50+VAT. 


      Who should attend?

      This course is ideal for designers, marketers and product managers. Those who are responsible for improving the conversion rates of websites. It is for anybody who seeks to better understand their customers and how design choices impact our decision making.


      How will I benefit?

      When you have completed this course you will:

      • Understand the key factors that impact our decision making process.
      • Be able to avoid the pitfalls that may undermine trust and discourage action.
      • Implement design techniques that nudge users towards action.
      • Evaluate websites and other digital channels for their impact on persuasion.
      • Write more effective, engaging copy that builds trust and elicits action.

      What will I learn?

      The course covers:

      • An introduction to psychology and how we make decisions.
      • What elicits or undermines trust in a website.
      • The core principles of designing persuasive interfaces.
      • Principles of compelling copy.
      • Evaluating existing websites to identify how they could be more persuasive.
      • How to create more compelling calls to action.

      CPD Accreditation - As we’re a registered provider with the CPD Standards Office you’ll get an official CPD Certificate of attendance upon completion of the course. This can be used within your formal CPD record for a professional body, institute, or employer.



      Paul Boag

      Paul Boag is a leader in digital strategy with over 20 years experience. Through consultancy, speaking, writing, training and mentoring he passionately promotes digital best practice. 

      He is a digital user experience consultant, author and speaker. He helps organisations as diverse as the BBC, European Commission and Doctors Without Borders, adapt to the digital world. He refocuses them on customer service and meeting the needs of the new generation of connected consumers. 

      Paul is a prolific writer having written Digital Adaptation, Website Owners Manual, Client Centric Web Design and numerous articles for publications such as net magazine, Smashing Magazine and Sitepoint. 

      Paul also speaks extensively on various aspects of digital both at conferences across the world and on his award winning podcast.