You must be able to understand and adapt to the fast-changing ecommerce expectations and shopping behaviours of customers. This course will show you how. Can we help? Call the team on 020 7970 4167 or email

  • 12 August 2020
    1 Day
    • £695.00 excl. VAT
  • 3 December 2020
    1 Day
    • £695.00 excl. VAT


    This fully participatory online training workshop is a great way to understand the essentials of  Ecommerce, especially relevant in the current and very challenging marketing environment.

    Delivered online, the format will be fast-paced, highly engaging and interactive throughout, with breakouts, exercises and discussion to ensure the session is truly participatory and practical.


    This intensive course is focused on ensuring you understand the fundamentals of online selling, guiding you through a framework for online merchandising. From product selection and presentation, through search, sorting, filtering and promotions, to an introduction of rule-based merchandising, we will explain the key approaches to merchandising with relevant examples and case studies.

    The day considers selling 'in the round': from the promises made to customers through to post-purchase selling. We also place online selling in the context of offline selling (store, catalogue and telephone) as well as within a performance framework, suggesting some KPIs to assess progress based on a test-measure-optimise approach to selling.

    The multichannel, commercial approach will allow participants to communicate the benefits of a whole-business approach to selling online, as well as measuring and sharing the success.


    Who should attend?

    This course is targeted at beginner/intermediate level, and is ideal for anyone interested in improving their approach to selling effectiveness online. Examples include: senior marketers responsible for the sales performance of the Ecommerce channel but who don’t have direct merchandising experience; junior and mid-level online merchandisers interested in planning for increased sales effectiveness; offline merchandisers looking to understand the capabilities and demands of modern online selling and systems; or heads of Ecommerce looking to lead team improvements in selling and wanting to compare their team’s capabilities with a good practice framework.


    How will I benefit?

    Upon completion of this course, you will be able to:

    • Understand the framework for online merchandising and examples of good practice that you can apply to your business
    • Place online selling in the context of your wider customer communications strategy, communicating your channel's needs and benefits to colleagues in your business
    • Specify, plan and implement rules-based online selling; testing, measuring and improving performance.
    • Understand and be able to apply a KPI/performance-led approach to selling

    What will I learn?

    The course covers:

    Fundamentals of Online Merchandising

    • The impact of your brand and customer proposition on merchandising success
    • The essential problems to solve in online merchandising
    • Getting your product data to the best possible standards
    • Basic presentation - search, filter, sort orders, promotion - and the opportunities and problems presented
    • Promotional strategies and their demands on online merchandising systems
    • How to use exit intent and remarketing to extend your merchandising shelf life

    Key Metrics and Performance Indicators

    • A review of the traditional metrics for stock and sales performance and their applicability to online
    • Online-only metrics
    • Important Key Performance Indicators

    Online Merchandising Techniques and Considerations

    • Rule-based or algorithmic systems
    • Behavioural profiling to drive rules
    • Use of personae
    • A:B testing in online merchandising

    Course Requirements

    This is an online course using Zoom. You can access easily through your web browser and we'll give you a quick tutorial at the start to ensure you get the most out of the workshop.

    We are a registered provider with the CPD Standards Office. Delegates completing this course may be issued with a CPD Certificate of Attendance, which can be used within their formal CPD record for a professional body, institute, or employer.