Programmatic advertising has risen from less than 50% of digital display in 2013 to more than 80% in 2017. Ensure you know your DSP from your SSP and your DMP from your OPP in our one-day fully-comprehensive course.

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      Programmatic advertising has risen from less than 50% of digital display in 2013 to more than 80% in 2017.  Ensure you know your DSP from your SSP and your DMP from your OPP in our one-day fully-comprehensive course.


      • The Basics behind the systems

      What does Programmatic do to change the face of advertising – why ‘knowing how it works’ is not the same as ‘knowing what it means’

      • Audience planning and ad misplacement

      Why our ability to do things that we couldn’t do before sometimes leads to us doing things we’d never really want to do by choice

      • Data management

      What data can advertisers use in order to target specific audiences and why this might soon change

      • Programmatic Auction Simulation

      A simulation of how an auction works for all those who’ve never been to Sothebys

      • Programmatic Direct

      Addressing some of the issues that buyers were not always aware of (but certainly should have been)

      • The changing face of Advertising Teams

      Why the attributes and roles in the advertising team client-side, the sales team supply-side and the team at the agency have changed so fundamentally since the rise of Programmatic.


      Who should attend?

      Marketers, Buyers, Sellers, Procurement managers – if you want to know about Programmatic and currently don’t – or know a little and need to know a lot more – then this is the course for you.


      How will I benefit?

      You will come away from the day with a comprehensive overview of how Programmatic technologies fit together; how this can be used for your benefit, and what to watch out for in order to protect your interests – whether you are a marketer, agency or media owner.

      CPD Accreditation - As we’re a registered provider with the CPD Standards Office you’ll get an official CPD Certificate of attendance upon completion of the course. This can be used within your formal CPD record for a professional body, institute, or employer.



      Dave Katz

      During his 18 years in digital media, Dave has become an expert in buying and selling display advertising. He started his career at i-level in 1999, where he remained for 3 years. After a stint as Head of Marketing for Premierbet he joined, as a senior member of their Publisher Services team. 

      In 2006, he became Head of Digital Trading at MPG (Havas). During this time he was elected Vice-Chair of the Digital Media Group of the IPA. With his knowledge on the workings of ad networks, he engaged with IASH (the Internet Advertising Sales Houses), to represent the views of all ad buyers vis-a-vis the Networks. 

      Towards the end of his 4+ years at Havas, he spearheaded the launch of their Trading Desk, which saw him oversee their first UK Programmatic activity. 

      Post-Havas, Dave set up a business for independent agencies, negotiating Trading Deals on their behalf as a 'blind collective' of agencies, and consulting on Trading issues to several buy- and sell-side entities. One of those, Ybrant Digital, brought him on as UK MD, where he remained for 3 years – during this time he represented them at IASH and had the joy of completing their audit submissions. 

      Most recently, Dave headed Business Development for Annalect, the Omnimcom unit housing their Trading Desk, Search and Affiliate teams, which he was pivotal in running. Dave took on Trade Body responsibilities once more during this period, representing the Agency Trading Desks at the DTSG. 

      Dave now works as an independent trainer, BD resource and consultant, advising advertisers, publishers, agencies and consultancies on both Programmatic and Conventional Buying and Selling, as well as Brand positioning and marketing as required. He is also the Facilitator of the Commercial Standards Groups at JICWEBS, the Joint-Industry Committee for Web Standards. Further to this, Dave tries to find the time to write childrens books, invest in properties, sing in a rock band and take his three sons to various schools, nurseries and swimming lessons – but not necessarily all at the same time.