Our 1-day training course introduces the new technologies that can support a more effective and efficient approach to lead generation & nurturing, customer engagement & sales. Can we help? Call the team on 020 7970 4167 or email training@econsultancy.com.

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      Whether it's your first step, optimising your current platform, or you are looking to reassess your current goals, this course will help you set clear objectives, automate and optimise your marketing for maximum success.


       • Definitions & creating a business Case

      What is Marketing Automation and how can organisations use it to increase their effectiveness and efficiency?

      • Modelling Customer journeys

      You’ll discover how to model your customers’ journeys (based on an understanding of the main different types of customer journeys). You’ll also learn how to plan content based on these insights and how Marketing Automation can support you.

      • Creating acquisition campaigns & nurture programmes

      How to plan your efforts with the highest chances of success. You’ll find out how to create your own Nurture Track (based on an understanding of the main kinds of Nurture types and flows).  You’ll also learn about how Marketing Automation can help execute your plans and how to integrate online with offline.

      • Lead Scoring & Routing

      We’ll discuss the different ways to score a lead (including Implicit, Explicit and the Lead Spectrum). You’ll also learn how to create your lead scoring model and then use its insights to use Marketing Automation.


      Who should attend?

      You’ll enjoy this course if you’re looking to automate online campaigns for greater results. There’s value in this course for both marketers who are ‘new’ to Marketing Automation, as well as more experienced marketers who want to deepen their knowledge.


      How will I benefit?

      After enjoying our 1-day training course, you will be able to:

      • Select the right Marketing Automation strategy for your business’ goals
      • Generate and use customer insights to promote the relevant content 
      • Align your marketing and sales functions to increase revenue
      • Demonstrate marketing value and accountability, by tracking marketing sourced and influence leads, opportunities and revenue
      • Develop a measurement strategy that will allow you to maximise the business value of your Marketing Automation efforts


      CPD Accreditation - As we’re a registered provider with the CPD Standards Office you’ll get an official CPD Certificate of attendance upon completion of the course. This can be used within your formal CPD record for a professional body, institute, or employer.


      Adrian O'Gara

      Adrian O'Gara has 18 years experience running lead and demand generation strategy for technology and business service providers. As the founder and lead consultant at OGaraCo, the lead-to-revenue transformation experts, Adrian uses his experience in demand and funnel management to help clients improve lead quality and automate process to increase marketing sourced revenue and ROI