Everyone is writing copy these days. Here's an intensive and rewarding workshop to help you develop your writing skills for all your online marketing needs. Can we help? Call the team on 020 7970 4167 or email training@econsultancy.com.

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      Tone of voice, concision & psychology – these are our key topics in this in-depth sequel to our bestselling Online Copywriting course 


      Our advanced 1-day workshop offers lots of practical advice and hands-on exercises on the following critical issues:

      • Tone of voice 
      • Concision
      • Structuring your content
      • Page types
      • Psychology

      Course Requirements: We recommend that participants bring a laptop (or tablet) to support the re-write exercises.


      Who should attend?

      Anyone involved in online copy would benefit from this course – particularly if you’re responsible for your organisation’s tone of voice and/or want to make your copy more concise.

      Note: during the course, we assume that you are familiar with all the best practices and research covered in our online copywriting course.


      How will I benefit?

      After attending our Online Copywriting – Advanced training course, you'll be able to:

      • Develop a tone of voice for your organisation
      • Structure your content in ways that support your audience
      • Make copy more concise
      • Create impactful copy using psychological insights

      What will I learn?

      Sharpen your online copywriting skills with our 1-day workshops. Some of the topics we’ll cover include:

      Tone of voice

      Step-by-step process to develop and communicate your organisation’s own tone of voice.  You’ll engage lots of exercises to help you to develop super-confidence in the process!


      A step-by-step process to help you make your content more concise.  We know that concision is a top priority for many organisations, so we have lots of in-depth exercises

      Structuring content

      You will learn how to re-structure a significant piece of content.  We’ll also discuss how to exploit these principles:

      • Structuring strategies
        Information need types
      • Page types
        Best practices and exercises for: product/service pages (B2C and B2B), FAQs and instructional text
      • Psychology
        Tools to help you improve your copy using a knowledge of: personality types, cognitive biases and emotional content.


      In-company training

      This course can also be delivered exclusively for your team. In-company training ensures everyone is up to best practice standard and you'll benefit from a more open environment to discuss your most pressing issues.

      We are a registered provider with the CPD Standards Office. Delegates completing this course may be issued with a CPD Certificate of Attendance, which can be used within their formal CPD record for a professional body, institute, or employer.


      Tim Fidgeon

      Tim Fidgeon is one of the UK’s leading digital trainers and consultants.  He holds an MSc in Human-Computer Interaction and has been helping organisations develop market-leading digital strategies, experiences and content since the late 90s.  After leading the User Experience teams for several large digital agencies, he is now a freelance trainer and consultant. 

      He has recently worked with: Coca-Cola, Sony, Vodafone and General Motors. 

      His articles on digital marketing and user experience have been published by: .net magazine, New Media Knowledge, Usability News & Web Standards Group