This is a 2-day course that allows you to understand and appreciate the Chinese Consumer Market and how similar or different they are from the Singapore Market.

  • 25 November 2019
    2 days
    • $1,200.00 excl. GST
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    1. Marketers looking to target Chinese Consumers in Singapore, Chinese travellers coming into Singapore and/or targeting to enter the Chinese Market and want to know how to design a marketing plan to help their clients enter Chinese market.
    2. Businesses who wants to enter the Chinese market and looking to understand more about the Chinese market, how Chinese Consumers think and the ways to market to Chinese Consumers and understand the media tools in Chinese market.
    3. Public in general who are curious about the growing China market and keen to find out how marketing in China works


    Understand and Appreciate the Chinese Consumer Market

    • How Similar and Different are they from Singapore Market

    Understand differences in consumer psyche between

    • Selling into China Market
    • Target China Chinese based in Singapore
    • Chinese Travellers coming into Singapore

    Key New Trends of Chinese Consumers in 80s, 90s and Millennials

    • How this affect their purchasing behaviour and habits

    Overview of Key Marketing Strategies essential to engage the Chinese consumers

    • New Retail
    • O2O
    • WeChat
    • Weibo
    • Little Red Book
    • Tik Tok
    • Influencers
    • KOL Marketing

    Learning Key Digital Marketing Tools in China

    • The biggest search engine in China
      • What is Baidu? (Users analysis, Core activities, Features)
    • Two mobile app that is closely related to the daily life of the Chinese people
      • What is WeChat? (Top activities on WeChat / What is WeChat Official Account / How to use WeChat to improve your business in China)
      • What is Weibo? (Core activities, Main features/ Blue V Enterprise to boost your brand awareness)
      • Content Marketing Strategy on WeChat and Weibo

    Community Marketing

    • Why is Community Marketing a big trend in China?
    • Little Red Book (小红书)
      • What is Little Red Book? (Users + Features)
      • How can you use Little Red Book for your Marketing Campaign
      • Simple “Live” Exercise using Little Red Book
    • Tik Tok (抖音)
      • What is Tik Tok? (Users + Features)
      • How can you use Tik Tok for your Marketing Campaign
      • Simple “Live” Exercise using Tik Tok

    Key Opinion Leaders

    • Internet Celebrity Economy (网红经济)
    • Live Stream Economy (直播经济)
    • Integrated Marketing Campaign


    • S$1,200 per participant (exclu. GST)
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    • Register 30 days before course start date to enjoy 10% Early Bird Discount

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    Kong Fern Chiang

    Fern Chiang is an experienced entrepreneur and professional marketer who has more than 11 years of experience handling branding and marketing for many international brands in key industries, ranging from FMCG, Banking & Insurance, education, healthcare/pharmaceuticals to technology and more. Some of the clients includes L’Oreal,  Club 21, Cerebos, M&M’s, AIG, Nanyang Technological University, Botox, Juvederm, Betadine and ST Electronics.

    More than that, he has an unique strength in cross border marketing between China and Singapore, venturing into the China market since 2008. Today, he has helped many Singapore companies market their products and brands into China through innovative and practical routes. He adopts an integrated approach to marketing new brands into the competitive Chinese market, integrating both offline channels like exhibitions to open up distribution channels to online channels like e-commerce, WeChat commerce to develop O2O business models for the Chinese market.

    Fern Chiang is a passionate speaker in the area of business, marketing and branding. He communicates clearly and is able to engage with the audience well to deliver a productive learning journey.