This is a three-day comprehensive digital marketing workshop designed to cover the critical disciplines of digital and content marketing. Can we help? Call the team on 020 7970 4167 or email

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      Econsultancy’s Masterclasses are three-day programmes offering you a deep dive into specific digital disciplines. These intensive workshops focus on practical training in order to help you build your expertise fast.

      This course will cover latest techniques and need-to-know practices and is designed to demystify digital jargon, change mindsets and thinking, to challenge, inform, and inspire. The format will be fast-paced, highly engaging and interactive throughout. The content will draw on best-in-class examples and case studies to demonstrate what’s possible and provide delegates with practical frameworks and knowledge for application.


      DAY ONE

      • Digital Marketing Fundamentals - Understanding the context for how modern marketing is changing, developing a common language around digital, understanding the fundamentals of digital marketing
      • Strategy and Planning - Working through some essential strategic frameworks for digital marketing, and setting yourself up for success
      • Personas and Customer Journey Mapping - Understanding some key techniques for generating effective personas and customer journeys
      • Content Strategy and Marketing - Defining content marketing, the role for content in the customer journey, how content can support marketing objectives and user needs

      DAY TWO

      • Review of Day One
      • Display, Programmatic and data targeting - Defining digital display, considering its role in the customer journey, aligning activity to objectives, strategies for success
      • Social Media and Influencer Marketing - Comprehending the role for social, best practice strategies and execution, utilising content in social channels, fundamentals of influencer marketing
      • Search Engine Marketing – SEO, PPC and Keyword Strategy - Understanding the fundamentals search engine marketing (SEO and PPC) and keyword strategy, it’s role in the customer journey, strategies for success


      • Review of Day One and Two
      • AI, Email and Marketing Automation - Key principles for using AI and automation to achieve objectives and fulfil customer need, fundamentals of email marketing
      • E-Commerce, Performance and Optimisation - Key principles for ecommerce, data, analytics, measurement, applying optimisation to enhance performance and the achievement of goals
      • Data, Analytics and Measurement - Understanding approaches to data and analytics, key principles of measurement
      • Digital Marketing Integration - Bringing it all together – planning for integrated marketing and comms
      • Q&A

      Who should attend?

      This course is perfect for marketers and communications professionals (including agencies) with a pressing need to significantly deepen their understanding of the increasingly complex world of digital marketing. A must for everyone striving to become digital marketing experts.

      What will I learn?

      Delegates will gain an understanding of the essential strategies and practices for key digital marketing channels, integration with other offline activity, along with insights into effective planning, execution and evaluation for digital marketing campaigns.

      In-company training

      This course can also be delivered exclusively for your team. In-company training ensures everyone is up to best practice standard and you'll benefit from a more open environment to discuss your most pressing issues.


      Neil Perkin

      Neil is a renowned blogger, writer and the founder of Only Dead Fish, a digital and media consultancy that specialises in applying strategic understanding of social and emerging media technologies to help businesses innovate and optimise their effectiveness within the new, networked communications environment.

      Neil is a columnist for New Media Age, a regular keynote speaker across Europe on content strategy, emerging media, digital commercial strategy and social technologies, and writes regularly to BrandRepublic, FutureLab, Marketing Week, Mediatel and Canvas8 amongst others.

      He has over 20 years media owner experience and was latterly the Director of Marketing & Strategy and Digital for IPC Media, the largest consumer publisher in the UK and publisher of multimedia brands including Wallpaper, Marie Claire and the NME. In this capacity he ran award-winning strategy, planning and consumer insight functions and was at the centre of defining and implementing the digital strategy for one of the largest media owners in the UK.

      Neil is an associate of The Futures Agency, a collaboration of some of the world's leading media thinkers and futurists, and for people who like shiny things, has won more industry awards than just about anyone in UK media, with five awards to his name including a Campaign Award, two Media Week Awards and an Association of Online Publishers award.