Encouraging Clicks: A Practical Guide to Conversion Rate Optimisation. Every website seeks to encourage visitors to do something, whether it is place an order, make a donation or signup to a mailing list. But how do you do that without alienating users? This one-day workshop will teach you practical techniques that can be immediately applied in your job. Can we help? Call the team on 020 7970 4167 or email training@econsultancy.com.

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      This practical guide to conversion rate optimisation (CRO) will teach you the latest techniques that will turn casual visitors to your site into people willing to take action. Whether you want to encourage users to sign up to your newsletter, share your content or place an order, this workshop will show you how.

      The course will help you meet the rising expectations from management to deliver increased conversion while avoiding the pitfalls of using manipulative techniques and dark patterns. It will also explore the most effective techniques used by world leading organisations, and draw upon fields such as psychology, marketing, copywriting, design and more.


      The course consists of four manageable modules, each of which will include many examples and allow lots of time for discussion. In each of the modules you will learn the following:

      The psychology of decision making:

      • How we make decisions
      • Getting to know your audience
      • Dealing with cognitive load
      • Matching the user’s mental model
      • Overcoming choice paralysis

       Persuasive techniques:

      • Why aggressive persuasion damages your business
      • How to reduce the risk for the user
      • Using social proof effectively
      • Winning your user's trust
      • Turning consumers into advocates

      Compelling calls to action:

      • Maximising visibility
      • Writing compelling calls to action
      • Picking the right moment to ask
      • Optimising the most click experience

      Optimise through testing and iteration:

      • Making a case for continual optimisation to management
      • Integrating testing into your projects
      • Understanding testing techniques
      • How to start with multivariate testing
      • Introducing usability testing regularly

      Who should attend?

      This course is ideal for anyone who is under pressure to increase the conversion rate of their website. Whether you are a designer, marketer, entrepreneur or a product owner, this course will provide practical advice you can implement immediately.

      The course is ideal for those with little experience in creating compelling sites, but will also challenge the most experienced designer or marketer to reconsider the approach they’re using. Above all, this workshop is for implementers.

      What will I learn?

      Upon completion of this course, you will:

      • Have a clear understanding of how people decide to act
      • Know techniques for addressing people's short attention span
      • Have mastered approaches for overcoming choice paralysis
      • Be clear about how to position your product in a positive light
      • Know how to reduce risk in the minds of users
      • Be able to establish trust with site visitors
      • Use social proof to its full advantage
      • Know the perfect moment to ask people to act
      • Have a firm grasp of the testing techniques available for site optimisation
      • Boost average order value
      • Build the lifetime value of your customers

      In-company Training

      This course can also be delivered exclusively for your team. In-company training ensures everyone is up to best practice standard and you'll benefit from a more open environment to discuss your most pressing issues.


      Paul Boag

      Paul is a user experience consultant with 23 years’ experience of working with clients such as Doctors Without Borders, PUMA and Centrica, to encourage users to take action online. He has written five books on various aspects of digital and is in the process of writing his sixth book on conversion rate optimisation. Paul speaks internationally on user experience design and design psychology as well as hosting the award-winning Boagworld podcast. He has helped organisations such as Wiltshire Farm Foods increase their profits one hundred fold, and aided charities such as UNICEF to boost their conversion rates significantly.