Intensive 2-day course covering basic and intermediate skills of building an artificially intelligent chatbot with natural language processing capabilities.

  • 28 November 2019
    2 days
    • $1,200.00 excl. GST
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    Chatbots have become a popular addition to the marketers’ toolkit for several reasons:

    • Messaging apps have exploded in popularity, overtaking social networking apps in terms of usage
    • Bots allow one-to-many as well as highly personalised one-to-one conversations 24/7
    • Bots automate processes done by humans, generating cost savings
    • Chatbot development tools have become more accessible to marketers (without requiring a developer or coding)

    This A.I. chatbot for marketers course will give you a working knowledge of the use cases, strategies, tools and technologies required to build an intelligent, conversant chatbot for marketing.

    In this workshop, you will build a chatbot from end-to-end, and learn how to acquire, convert and delight customers with your chatbot (using messaging subscription, drip sequences, segmentation and broadcasts). You will also learn how to give your bot intelligent, conversational abilities with natural language processing.

    Using bot analytics, learn about key metrics to track in order to analyse and measure performance of your chatbot.

    Learn about the best use cases and key success factors of the world’s best chatbots (e.g. personality design, conversational UX, use cases).


    This course is ideal for those involved in digital marketing, and responsible for acquiring, supporting and delighting customers.

    This course would benefit anyone who is involved in marketing and wants to learn how to build an intelligent bot. No coding knowledge is required.


    In this workshop, you will learn how to build a fully functioning chatbot using a code-free platform:

    1. Build automated drip sequences
    2. Build a messaging funnel to nurture the bot
    3. Design engaging and winning bot personalities
    4. Design good conversational flow
    5. Basic natural language processing for intelligent, conversational chatbots that converse
    6. Learn how to acquire users for your bot
    7. Learn about how third party integrations (CRM, email marketing, database) work with chatbots via APIs

    Workshop participants will also receive a pre-built chatbot template and a pre-built Dialogflow agent for natural language processing skills.


    The course covers:

    How to Build a Simple Chatbot

    • What is a chatbot
    • Understanding messenger platform
    • Bot building platform and features
    • How to design automated drip sequences
    • How to get a message subscription System
    • Tools used: Chatfuel

    Basic Conversational Design and Natural Language Processing

    • What is an intent
    • How to use pre-built or custom entities
    • Using smalltalk
    • Best practices for using buttons, quick replies and free form text
    • Best practices for rapid training
    • Best practices for the default fallback (what to do when your bot does not understand the user)
    • Tools used: Dialogflow

    Building Customer Support into the Bot

    • How bots can be used for customer service and support
    • How to track if bot was able to answer or not
    • How and when to initiate a human takeover in the bot
    • Tools used: Janis

    Introduction to third party integrations and APIs

    • Introduction to bot analytics and key metrics
    • Introduction to JSON API
    • Google Sheets
    • CRM and Email Marketing
    • Other third party APIs
    • Tools used: Dashbot

    How to Acquire Users for your Chatbot

    • Messenger Chat Plugin
    • QR Code / Ref Links
    • Acquire via Comment
    • Facebook Ads

    Best practices for chatbot design

    • 10 Dos and Don’ts for successful chatbots
    • Other use cases (quizzes, leaderboards and gamification, feedback surveys, lead generation with email and phone number capture, scoring, audience segmentation, coupon or certificate generation)
    • Case studies and best practices


    • Chatfuel - bot building platform (used by Techcrunch, Lego, Victoria Beckham)
    • Dialogflow - Google’s natural language processing
    • - Human takeover and custom alerts
    • Dashbot - Bot analytics


    • S$1,200 per participant (exclu. GST)
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    • Register 30 days before course start date to enjoy 10% Early Bird Discount

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    Deborah Kay is the founder of Digital Discovery, which provides data-driven digital strategy advisory and digital intelligence to CEOs, enterprises and financial investors. Digital Discovery also consults with large enterprises on their chatbot strategy, intelligence training and conversational design.

    Deborah is a artificial intelligence enthusiast and bot influencer. She is an official Chatfuel Creator with her templates listed in the Chatfuel dashboard. She has been described as a “Dialogflow guru and can help you make the bot responsive to incoming messages with personality.”

    Bots that she has built include:

    • ColorMeHappy Cosmetics chatbot, an e-commerce bot on Facebook Messenger that can analyse your skin tone and recommend lipstick shades
    • Sammy the Sailing Bot – a bot that taps on’s API to give sailors wind speed and weather conditions at the National Sailing Centre
    • EmojiBot – a dialogflow agent that can handle any emoji
    • Gif Finder – a Chatfuel Template that integrates with Giphy’s API (Deborah is an official Chatfuel Creator)

    In 2017, she was added to the Global #bottish100 Power 100 chatbot influencers, ranking #1 in Singapore.

    In 2018, she was appointed one of the expert judges (“we decided to focus on the ones who are the most active and contribute to the industry the most”) for the annual Chatbottle awards.

    She also writes for Chatbot’s Life Magazine and UX Collective on conversational design and NLP. In 2018, she was named one of Medium’s top writers in Artificial Intelligence.

    Articles Written
    7 Nifty Artificial Intelligence Tools for anyone to use today
    The Non-Coder’s Guide to using Giphy’s API in Chatfuel
    How to use Dialogflow’s Small Talk Agent
    What if your Chatbot could respond to any Emoji?
    How to Handle Context with Dialogflow
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