Intensive 2-day Masterclass to understand how you can transform your business strategy through the application of inbound marketing

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      This is an intensive 2-day Masterclass to understand how you can transform your business strategy through the application of inbound marketing.


      Chhavi is an Inbound Success Coach working as a Channel Consultant with HubSpot for the past year and half. In her role, she helps Digital Marketing agencies in APAC grow and scale through application of inbound marketing. She specialises in lead generation and nurturing strategy therefore helping generate revenue for her partners and customers. 

      Prior to joining HubSpot, Chhavi has worked with Microsoft and Oracle managing their digital marketing campaigns and customer advocacy programs. She loves the transformation her career has gone through from starting as a Banker and now living breathing digital marketing.  

      Besides, her passion for inbound marketing she is a proud mother of 2 boys and spends time exploring the world through her kids eyes.  


      Inbound is a business philosophy based around helping people. The inbound approach means doing business in a human way and creating meaningful 1:1 relationship with strangers, prospects, or customers. Inbound means meeting people on their own terms and interacting with them using the sites, platforms, and networks they value most.

      This course focuses on learning better ways to market, a better way to sell and a better way to help your customers through inbound marketing. Learn different ways of knowledge sharing with the world that helps you build awareness and trust with your target audience.

      Empowering your prospects and customers rather than forcing them to engage with you with interruptive experiences. Aligning with the way your buyers think, research and purchase. Analyzing your existing content strategy and aligning it with the need of your buyers and prospects.


      Upon completion of this course, you’ll be able to:

      • Learn inbound marketing methodology and principles.
      • Analyze the inbound marketing initiatives taken by your company and gaps to be filled to adopt a holistic inbound approach for business development.
      • Understand how to put together an inbound marketing strategy for your organization.
      • Content strategy will help you identify and organize all the future initiatives and campaigns where content will need to be created.
      • Perform a content audit to identify content needs and gaps to build a helpful, relevant journey for your personas, as well as create your content compass by mapping out your content creation roadmap
      • Define your buyer’s persona and their business needs to craft a strategy that helps convert leads to successful customers.
      • Mapping buyer’s journey of your buyer’s persona to empathize with your prospects. 
      • Understand different stages of the buyer’s journey with an inbound perspective.  
      • Impact of social media promotion on your overall inbound marketing strategy.
      • Importance of conversion and conversion optimization to see return on investment.
      • Deep understanding of lead management and lead nurturing strategies at different stages of buyers journey leading to conversion.
      • Business alignment through effective sales and marketing


      This inbound marketing masterclass will give you a better understanding of inbound marketing fundamentals that involves buyer’s persona, buyer’s journey, content strategy planning, smart goals and lead management. You will gain knowledge on how to strategize inbound marketing and seamlessly integrate inbound principles in your digital marketing efforts. 

      Driving traffic to your website and engaging with visitors by empowering them to think beyond their roadblocks and grow with your business. Define your inbound marketing strategy that resonates with your target audience and helps with inbound leads generation through your website adopting the inbound marketing principles.

      In this workshop, we will cover

      Day 1

      Introduction to inbound methodology and principles

      • What is inbound marketing?
      • What are the fundamentals of inbound marketing?
      • What does inbound marketing look like?

      What are the fundamentals of an inbound business?

      • How the buying behavior of customers are evolving
      • Why is developing your company purpose important?

      Setting business goals

      • What is goal setting important to inbound marketing?
      • How to set goals that align with your company's purpose?
      • How to prioritize short term and long term business goals?

      Planning a long-term content strategy

      • What is content strategy?
      • Why is long-term content planning important?
      • How do you build your long-term content plan?
      • What should a long-term content plan look like?

      Creating buyer personas

      • Why are buyer personas important part of your inbound strategy
      • Identifying and building buyer persona
      • What are the sources of buyer personas information?

      Understanding the buyer’s journey

      • Concept of buyers' journey?
      • How to create a buyers' journey?
      • Inbound marketing at different stage of the buyers' journey

      Day 2

      Fundamentals of social media promotion

      • Building a social media strategy
      • Social media channels
      • The power of social listening
      • Social media content and audit
      • Monitoring and engagement

      Developing an inbound marketing growth strategy

      • Conversations and why are they important for business growth
      • Elements of a strong conversational growth strategy
      • Steps to implement strong conversational growth strategy

      Understanding conversions

      • Defining a conversion
      • Why are conversions important to inbound marketing?
      • How to build an effective conversion path
      • How to calculate your conversion rate

      Understanding lead nurturing

      • Why is lead nurturing important?
      • Fundamentals of a lead nurturing strategy?
      • What does an effective lead nurturing campaign look like?

      Lead Management – Segmentation and Lead Qualification

      • Define your life cycle stages
      • Setting SLA's between Sales and Marketing

      Aligning your Marketing with Sales

      • What is sales enablement?
      • How marketing can align with sales


      Course Fee: SGD 1,200 per participant

      Early Bird Discount: Register 30 days before course start date to enjoy 10% discount

      Group Discount: Register for 3 or more participants to enjoy 5% discount

      Who Should Attend?

      This course is ideal for digital marketing professionals involved in end to end transformation of their company’s digital strategy and also traditional/digital marketing agencies who are planning a shift in their business from outbound to inbound.