We’ve seen a number of research projects and studies which show that mobile traffic and search volumes are likely to overtake desktop in the next 12 months, however the same can’t be said for sales and conversions through mobile devices.

Instead consumers are increasingly using smartphones for research and price checking, before ultimately making a purchase on desktop or tablet.

We investigated the reasons behind this disparity as part of our new Mobile Commerce Compendium, with the data showing that two-thirds (64%) of smartphone owners who don’t use mobile commerce simply prefer shopping online using a desktop or tablet.

The second most-common reason proved to be difficulties with the small screen size (41%), while 39% said they are concerned about security on their phone.

Interestingly, 6% of respondents still believe that mobile websites don’t offer the same product range as desktop sites.

Why haven’t you bought anything online using your smartphone?

The data comes from a Toluna survey of 1,000 UK consumers, the full results of which are included in our new Mobile Commerce Compendium.

It contains tips and advice on m-commerce, mobile search, and how mobile can be used in-store and as part of a broader multichannel strategy.

What do people buy using mobile?

The data showed that around half (49%) of consumers had bought something using their device in the previous six months, with a majority of this group (54%) spending fewer than £50 in total.

This tallies with results from a separate question which show that inexpensive consumer goods are the most frequently purchased items through mobile commerce.

Books (43%) and clothes (42%) proved to be the most common items purchased through mobile commerce, closely followed by clothes (42%) and music (40%). 

This could possibly be a reflection of Amazon’s strength in mobile commerce, as shoppers can easily turn to its app to buy books and music with just a few clicks.

Furniture proved to be the least popular among the available options with just 7% of mobile shoppers having bought from this product category.

What type of products did you shop for using your smartphone?