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Music marketing: Six iconic album launches filled with marketing lessons

There are a lot of lessons marketers can learn from the music industry, and in particular, how artists release their projects.

Before streaming became the force that it is today, some album releases used to be more like moments in history than just another Friday album drop (sighs).

From surprise releases, to experiential events, there have been a myriad of innovative ways musicians have grabbed their audience’s attention to sell us their latest love ballads, rock anthems, or hip-hop heat-seekers.

The best social media stories & campaigns from July 2018

As the sunshine in the UK continues into what feels like it’s 656th day, social stories and campaigns continue to keep us entertained!

Here are some of the best from July 2018 – featuring Nike, Facebook, The World Cup, William Hill and more…

Why the Love Island & Missguided partnership was a multichannel triumph

Since it came back to our screens in 2015 Love Island has been a mainstay of mine and my housemates’ summer TV schedule.

This year I had more of a vested interest, as someone I knew was in The Love Island Villa (shout-out to Josh Denzel)… but my fixation with the show isn’t the point of this article. Love Island and Missguided has been one of the best TV partnerships ever.