According to our recent Digital Landscape Report, Russia has the highest number of internet users in Europe, and represents a potential growth market for ecommerce. 

In addition, just under half of Russia’s 61m web users are buying online, though a mistrust of the finance industry means that cash on delivery is the prevelant payment method. 

There are barriers though, such as mistrust of retailers, and the risk of parcels going AWOL due to the number of people living in communal apartments. 

However, as our report, and this two part infographic from Search Laboratory shows, there are many opportunitues. 

Although the Russian market has been relatively slow to come round to buying online and there is still more ground to cover until it even matches that of global average ecommerce penetration, the sector is growing, and that growth is significant.

According to GlobalWebIndex, the total ecommerce activity conducted on PCs in Russia has risen by 93.13% during the 18 months to December 2012.

This makes the online shopping sector the fastest growing in Europe, the closest market being Italy growing at nearly 19%. 

See the infographics for more stats (click on them tio see larger versions).