Around 700 marketers have now taken part in an online Search Engine Marketing survey carried out by E-consultancy in association with search agency Neutralize (*\*).

The survey, which is live until Thursday 22 March, contains questions about both natural search and paid search and will culminate in the UK Search Engine Marketing Report to be published on this website in April.

The survey is open to search engine marketers working in-house or for agencies.

Participants will be entitled to a free copy of the full report in advance of its publication on

Topics covered in the survey include search budgets, the effectiveness of SEO / PPC, attitudes to different search engines and barriers to successful search engine marketing.

This survey is designed to answer common questions about the current state of the UK Search Marketing industry. We worked hard with E-Consultancy to ensure that the report will be as comprehensive as possible,” said Janine Laity, General Manager at Neutralize (*\*).