Well, it’s a few days since Google announced  Search Plus Your World and I’ve had a chance
to start to think a little about how this dramatic shift in the personalisation
of results might change the day-to-day tactics of the search campaigns I work

Please note: I’ll be referring
this as Search+ henceforth, rather than the namepuke “Search Plus Your World”.

Here are six small tweaks to make to your SEO campaigns, thanks to Search+… 

Use Google+ as the hub, not the spoke

There’s no tool that will
easily allow you to automatically seed content to Google+ from an RSS feed or
other social network.

I think this is probably deliberate, if you have to
upload something by hand Google can assume it’s a more valuable piece of
content that’s something that is being injected onto the site automatically.

However, it is possible to
make the connection the other direction. i.e. you can feed the content used on
Google+ into Twitter. While we all know we should be creating bespoke content
for each of the different social networks, we also need to be pragmatic, there
are only so many cat videos you can share in one day.

This circumstance suggests
if you are trying to share content across a variety of social sites, you might
want to switch to make Google+ the hub rather than the spoke.

Google+ can be a great way to build a personal brand

Whenever I make a navigational
search query to find Google Analytics I’m met by the same couple of smiling
faces and Jonathan Stewart’s Storm Trooper avatar:

Every single time I make this search I see their avatars,
and I make this search dozens of times a day. Is it that far a stretch to
assume people will suddenly ‘Plus One’ every-one of the top 1,000 websites,
every time these sites appear in the SERPs people who have added you to a
circle you could appear.

A bonus point here, search for any major keyword, car
insurance perchance, and boom, you know which agencies are working on which

Mo’ circles. mo’ money

I’ve seen a few blog posts recently discussing what
happens to the Twitter followers of an employee when they change job
Twitter followers are valuable but with Search+ suddenly having a lot of people
added you to a circle could have a huge impact on your value in a job market.

Imagine this unlikely thought experiment. If I have a
candidate for SEO role who’s not that well qualified but by some-chance has
found themselves in thousands of circles (perhaps their name is Britney Spear).

If they ‘plus one’ all your clients, and could therefore affect thousands of searchers SERPs, are
they more employable than someone in a couple of dozen Circles?

I imagine Google may already have some type of ‘Edge
’, but how many people are using Google+ to build
up enough data for Google to really get this right?

“Pay with a Plus” is
going to work a treat

Not so long ago I released my ebook Becoming a Clockwork Pirate with a ‘Pay
with a Tweet’ payment model. You
can read a bit more about that experiment here

I’ve not seen a similar
system in place for Google+ yet, but somebody should be working on it. A tweet
has a value as it can help the content spread; the Google+ vote has that same
viral potential but now it has the potential to influence search results,
especially if they’ve added you to a circle.

Having someone add you to a circle and plus one some of the
pages of your site could have a huge value if that influences your position on
commercial search queries for months, maybe even years to come.

With that commercial
value I can imagine some pretty impressive loss leaders on the cards.

Return of the celebrity endorsement

For some time now celebrities have been selling tweets, I’ve
often wondered their value. Now with Search+ I’d consider paying a celeb a
couple of grand for a ‘Plus One’ of your site could be a sound investment if
there’s a good overlap with your audience.

One viral hit can “make”
an SEO Campaign.

You may have recently seen this blog-post about Aaron Wall
and Google’s
somewhat loose definition of which page someone recommended

This is
pre-Search+, but the pattern presumably will hold. Get one page to get lots of ‘Plus
Ones’ then lots of other pages on the site will benefit. So a viral hit with
lots of ‘Plus Ones’ could help your money pages?

Surely that’s got to encourage
people to chase popular off topic posts which will attract the votes that help
some of their other less vote-worthy content.