sears logoSears Holding is reorganizing its on and offline channels under an ambitious new initiative dubbed ShopYourWay. The program intends to integrate the scope of the goods and services the retail conglomerate provides across a panoply of channels, including in-store, online, mobile, electronic kiosks, even PDAs.

ShopYourWay has launched on, and will soon be introduced to When that happens, the full range of Sears products will be available to shoppers on Kmart, and vice-versa. Such cross-merchandising will increase the options available to consumers. Shoppers on Sears property, for example, will be able to view apparel from other Sears brands.

The strategy also includes in-store internet kiosks. sells some 100,000 tools online, while its stores offer only some 7-8,000 options. That broader range will now be available in meatspace, and in-store shoppers will also have the opportunity to order out-of-stock items.

The new strategy takes the sting out of shipping fees by offering free in-store pick up of items ordered through electronic channels.

ShopYourWay will also be integrated with Sears2Go mobile phone shopping. The service will be promoted through that channel with email and SMS discounts and sale notifications. Another phone channel, 1-800-4-MY-HOME, allows consumers to schedule home repairs, installation and delivery services. Another new personal shopping service will be rolled out across multiple channels including the telephone, IM, and email.