Second Life creator Linden Lab is looking for staff to fill vacancies at its new British base in sunny Brighton.

Linden developer Jim Purbrick revealed the new location to web hackers gathered at  BarCampLondon2 this weekend. Now the virtual world is hiring software developers.

In a blog post, Purbrick wrote:

“Have you thought about working for Linden Lab, but didn’t want to move to the US? Have another look at our open positions – we’re now recruiting in Brighton, UK.”

According to the job description, Linden is looking for “wickedly brilliant software development generalists” to work on Second Life’s real-time 3D graphics engine, backend network and physics engine.

Brighton-based blogger Anthony Mayfield, a content worker with search marketing consultancy Spannerworks, welcomed the virtual world to the city:

“I hope that Linden Lab succeed and grow their base in Brighton. It’s a badge of honour for the city to have them come here.

“Anyone else thinking of opening up a web company in the UK could do worse than come and take a look at the talent base and excellent lifestyle of Brighton & Hove.”