If I had to sum up my year in 140 characters it would read: during 2013 I’ve been having a lot of problems writing snappy, concise and appropriate sub-headlines in my articles for the Econsultancy blo… 

There are people out there who are much better at this sort of thing than I am, and to celebrate those experts, Twitter has released an interactive widget that lets you explore the past year’s key trends on Twitter, month-by-month and within various different topics such as news, sport and entertainment.

Click on the image below to see for yourself. 

Also within each topic you can explore lots of different sub-topics with the most popular, or relevant, tweets highlighted based on that subject.

Look, the inside of an electric eel.

You can even go back to previous years and check what was trending in 2010.

Ah, remember 2010, when all we cared about was Julian Assange, the Chilean miners and what the end of Inception meant. Halcyon days.

Sure the Twitter 2013 app won’t take you much longer than half-an-hour to explore, but it’s quite a nice time-killer while sat in the office, patiently waiting for the Christmas party to start.