The second


contest for internet startups came to a close on Friday, with seven winners announced.

These seven startups will each receive 50,000 Euros in return for an equity stake (last year it was 10%). They will also take part in a three month mentoring programme to get them started.

The winners were…

– a ‘revolutionary new web development platform’ which offers a drag and drop approach to designing websites and applications for the less technically gifted.

Kyko – no website yet and, from what I can gather, it has something to do with gaming. This is currently in stealth mode.

– this US startup provides analytics for iPhone applications.

a site which can aggregate your favourite links, videos, images and more. A kind of online scrapbook.

an automatic slideshow / video generator which creates these videos within minutes rather than hours.

a German startup which provides white label instant messaging applications for social networks and dating sites.

uberVU -
an application which keeps track of responses, comments, links etc that build up around a given story / issue online. A one stop shop for online PR.

Seedcamp chief executive Reshma Sohoni said in July that five of the six winners from last year’s contest are still afloat, which she considered to be a good ratio.

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