The SEO benefits of product pages can often be overlooked, with many just offering basic product details, photos and a brief description.

So how can you make the most of them from a search marketing perspective?

Here are some suggestions…

  • Unique product descriptionsAvoid simply reproducing the manufacturer’s product description as several other sites will probably be using it already. It may be easier but will not help you move up the rankings as search engines will mark it down as duplicate content.

    A unique product description should not only help your conversion rate, it should also allow you to attract more search traffic.

    In addition, a slightly lengthier product page will enable you to use more of your most important keywords and phrases. This could improve your rankings for a range of terms.

  • Use keywords in URLsMany online retailers, especially those with large product ranges, use dynamic databases, which can produce some ugly, lengthy URLs which bear no relation to the product.

    Adding related keywords to your product page URLs will help them rank more highly in search engines, as well as making them more understandable.

  • Use customer product reviews

    Customer reviews can not only help persuade shoppers to make purchases, they can also be very useful for SEO.
    Customer reviews SEO

    Adding them is a good way to ensure that your product pages are filled with unique content - just what search engines are looking for.

  • Make sure product pages are just a couple of clicks away

    This is good practice anyway as it will allow customers to find products more quickly, but it also makes it easier for search engine crawlers to access these pages.
  • Optimise your images for SEO

    With the introduction of universal search, more and more images will be popping up in the search results, so every image on your product pages should be optimised.
    Product image SEO

    Optimise your product photos with descriptive, keyword-rich file names and ALT tags. Also, descriptions of your images will help the visually impaired.

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