The first annual SEO World Championship starts today, sponsored and arranged by Eastpoint Media, a Swedish SEO company. 

As well as providing some useful publicity for Eastpoint Media, the contest aims to highlight the advantages of SEO.

The main challenge of the contest is to rank high as possible on the organic search engine results on Google, Yahoo and MSN. The winner will be determined by using their average ranking across the big three search engines.

According to Markus Jalmerot of Eastpoint:

“Our objective is to highlight the advantages of SEO surrounding the advertising community and help sustain the technical development within optimization”

Participants in the contest will need to rank as high as possible for a selected keyword, which will be announced today at 6pm (GMT).

The prizes on offer include a Citroen C2, a Caribbean cruise, and a big Sony plasma TV. Contestants need to add an SEO World Championship text link or banner, and use only those SEO methods approved by the major search engines.

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