Despite its ominous sounding name, Black Friday is always one of busiest shopping days of the year for US retailers as shoppers spend their day off hunting for bargains online.

It’s quickly followed by Cyber Monday, another bumper pay day for e-commerce sites as the spending continues after the weekend.

There are numerous predictions and stats around exactly how much will be spent and by whom, so here’s a round up of seven infographics looking at consumer spending on Black Friday and Cyber Monday…

Black Friday shopping habits (lab42)

Social media and the female holiday shopper (Clever Girls Collective)

Mobile shopping on Cyber Monday (HSN)

Black Friday and Cyber Monday hacks and scams (Veracode)

Black Friday vs. Cyber Monday (Kapitall)

$2bn will be spent on Cyber Monday (Adobe)

Black Friday: behind the numbers (Fat Wallet)