Clever ways to get content out of stupid people

As you can tell from the title, Catherine Toole is an entertaining speaker and as Chairman of Sticky Content, part of the Press Association, she’ll have plenty to say at the Festival.

Shut up and take my money: LEGO does crowdsourcing

Tim Courtney and Peter Espersen work in LEGO’s CUUSOO community and this slideshow comes from Spring last year as the venture was really taking off.

Lars Silberbauer-Anderson is Global Head of Social Media at LEGO and will be sharing more at the Festival. 

Getting content curation right for your SEO process

Aleyda Solis is one of the foremost speakers on SEO. Here’s a fantastic slideshow on content curation. 

Innovation in PR: science of engagement

Adam Mack from Weber Shandwick will be speaking at the Festival. Here he discusses what makes for good PR.

Design for startups 

Andy Budd is well known in the UX and design community. See his thoughts on design as a differentiator, below.

Seven ridiculous marketing stunts you wish you thought of

PaddyPower’s Mischief Champion, Harry Dromey will be speaking.

This slideshow isn’t his, but it’s a nice roundup of some of marketing’s most notorious stunts.

The future of TV

With Jeremy Tester, director of brand strategy for Sky Media, speaking at The Festival, I thought it appropriate to bring you this slideshow on the future of TV from Will Critchlow.