Manchester City

The league champions used Vine this weekend to show the team jogging our for their warm-up versus Liverpool.


Arsenal (urgh) used Vine over the weekend to show fans the view from the tunnel.  


Liverpool have posted several Vines in the past week, however they tend to feature clips from the archive rather than videos showing the team or behind the scenes at the club. 


QPR have taken to Vine with some enthusiasm, giving fans a glimpse behind the scenes and showing the stadium in the sunshine.

However not all the examples – such as a clip of Saturday’s matchday programme – are quite as interesting.


Fulham has become a prolific Vine user, posting eight videos in the past week.

The clips are mainly of the stadium and fans, but it has also posted videos of its matchday programme and winter products in the club shop. 


The Canaries used Vine once in the past week to show a behind the scenes look at QPR’s Loftus Road, who they played over the weekend.


Southampton have always been quick to adopt new digital technology – it ran an augmented reality campaign back in 2011 – so it’s no surprise that the team has posted several Vines recently.

Of the three I watched, all gave a preview of the stadium in which the team was playing including Old Trafford and the DW Stadium. 

In conclusion…

Though all the top flights clubs have official Twitter accounts only a handful have signed up to Vine, which suggests the others are waiting to see if the app takes off or that their social teams have Android phones.

In my opinion the most interesting posts are ones that show behind the scenes at stadiums or players warming up, however some clubs couldn’t resist the urge to use the app to promote the matchday programme or official club merchandise.

I also think there’s a great deal of untapped potential if the social teams can get the players involved.

Six seconds is long enough to show a player practicing a free kick or performing a skill or trick, which would be great content and would probably achieve a large number of retweets and responses.

Hopefully the clubs will become more adventurous with the app over time, as the early signs suggest it is a great tool for giving a better look behind the scenes.