A great Facebook landing page should turn visitors into subscribers, engage people, and encourage them to explore your products and services further. 

So what makes a successful Facebook landing page? Here are a few tips taken from our How to Create Amazing Facebook Pages guide…

The landing page should be relevant to the ad

If you have used an ad, online or offline, to attract visitors to your Facebook page, you should provide continuity, just as you would with PPC ads

The content on the landing page should be relevant to the ad content, so if you have lured vistors with a special offer, this should be visible when they arrive at the page, while images used in ads should be repeated on Facebook. 

Create a custom landing page

The default landing page for your Facebook visitors is the wall. The problem with this is that, if it isn’t moderated frequently, or visitors arrive at a ‘bad time’ they may find lots of spam or negative comments, which isn’t a great first impression. 

This is why a dedicated landing page is a better idea, such as this from Mercedes: 

Facebook landing page 1

You can set your custom landing page by going to ‘edit page’ then ‘edit wall settings’. Then simply change the default landing page to a new welcome page. 

Add a clear call to action

Make it obvious what you want users to do when they arrive at your page. Red Bull certainly does this with its page:

Facebook landing page 3

Offer incentives 

If you want to get people to Like your Facebook page, and become more familiar with your products and services, a strong incentive can help achieve this. 

Something like a discount offer can get them to become a fan, but will also edge them towards buying your product or service. In our recent survey, 70% of consumers said they followed brands on Facebook for special offers. 

This is a tactic we use on our Facebook page

Facebook landing page updated

Use images

Images are a great way to showcase your products or brand, and are appealing to first time visitors. If you make great looking cars or clothes, why not stick a few images on your landing page to appeal to visitors? 

It doesn’t just have to be great looking products though, the use of images can liven up what may have been a boring page otherwise. 

Gary Vaynerchuk’s landing page is a great example of this. It gets across the facts about the man, plugs his various books and sites, and is also a lot of fun: 

facebook landing page 7

Keep it up to date

If customers see outdated content or promotions when they visit your landing page, then it makes you look lazy, and will not incentivise people to explore further. 

If people arrive, take a look at the wall, and find it hasn’t been updated for months, they’ll head elsewhere…

Provide interesting content

Once you’ve attracted visitors to your Facebook page, you have to give them a reason to stick around. 

Also, the more content you post on your page, the more you will appear in a fan’s news feed, which increases your exposure to their connections on the site. This can be done by regularly adding new videos, photos, competitions, news and more. 

Red Bull, which has an impressive 16.5m Facebook fans, has plenty of content, including videos, games and photos, to make its page ‘stickier’ for visitors: 

Facebook landing page 5