Holiday park operator Park Resorts has revealed that its new ‘Share & Earn’ social media promotion has delivered an average of five leads per one share.

The programme allows customers to earn holiday discounts, free weekend and week-long breaks if they share the links through Facebook, Twitter or via a blog post.

Digital marketing agency digitalanimal is tracking the programme across 335 different forms of social media and email.

It reports that within the first month 80% of users signing up to the offer have actively shared the links with friends, and on average share a single link three times.

This mirrors research we reported in December that shows the main driver for consumers to interact with a brand being the promise of ‘free stuff’.

A survey from the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Council and social technology business Lithium found that 67% of consumers expected to be eligible for exclusive offers if they followed, liked or linked to a brand on social media.

Similarly 65% expected to gain access to contests or games.

A separate study by ExactTarget found that for Facebook specifically, the top two reasons to like a brand in the UK were receiving discounts or money-off promotions and receiving ‘free stuff or giveaways.

We also found similar results in a Facebook consumer survey conducted in February of last year.

Sanjit Atwal, MD of digitalanimal said that transforming any user into a potential micro-affiliate shows where customer acquisition value rests for innovative brands.

Although it is early days for the recommendations market, our initial findings have been hugely encouraging and prove that peer-to-peer recommendations from friends can be a massive traffic driver for ecommerce brands when implemented as part of a rewards programme.”