Picture this, you’ve optimised your website and now rank in the top ten for all your major keywords, and first for several. Organic search engine optimisation (SEO) has really paid off.

So what now? Should you pack in the pay-per-click (PPC) adverts? After
all, you probably only got them to increase visibility while you
boosted the site’s natural optimisation, didn’t you?

Well, it might not be the best move to ditch them just because the onsite optimisation worked. Here are a few reasons why – although it’s a contentious area of SEO, so let me know if you disagree.
Why hand your competitors space?
Thanks to the internet, companies of every size and in every location can try to attract customers. This means that the competition online is vast, no matter what your business.
If you rank first for a really industry-relevant term then the chances are that your competitors will be aiming to rank for it too.
So, by buying space in the search results, you cut down on their visibility and ensure all the searchers are seeing you, not them.
Protect your name
At SEOptimise, we buy advertising space on searches for our own name.
Of course, we rank first for our name (and if you don’t, then you really really need to examine your online marketing strategy!) but competitors can now buy advertising space above searches for our name too!
Since it should be clear from your own PPC campaign that a certain percentage of searchers will click on an advert rather than your site, why are you willing to lose those potential clients?
Buy the space, fill the results page and make the most of the resulting traffic. This has been proven to increase overall clickthrough rates when both organic and paid search results are listed together for the same site.
Risk not, want not
For many major online firms, a top ranking brings them in an extraordinary amount of day-to-day business.
If your company relies on its high rank, then you risk losing business if your ranking dips for a period, whether because of a competitor’s SEO activities or a change in the search engine’s algorithm.
By routinely using PPC marketing, you ensure you are always visible.
Enjoy greater authority

By buying PPC and having the top rank, you show potential clients that you really mean business.
Placing yourself in front of them more repeatedly will raise their awareness of you and can strengthen their impression that you are a market leader.
What have you got to lose?

At the end of the day, if a searcher clicks on your organic listing then you have not had to pay a penny for your extra visibility.
If they click on your advert, then they could equally have clicked on a competitor’s advert, so you have helped yourself and prevented your rival from gaining.