showtime kindle ad falcoWell that didn’t take long. Premium cable network Showtime has just brought marketing to the Kindle. Starting today, Kindle users can download the pilot episode script for its new series “Nurse Jackie,” which stars former “Sopranos” star Edie Falco.

Banners on Amazon and the Kindle store will promote the free download, according to an AdAge report. Once downloaded, the script is acompanied by calls-to-action including the broadcast schedule and encouragement to view the episode trailer on

Showtime’s campaign is consistent with a burgeoning trend as marketers large and small move away from buying media and instead create and disseminate interesting, engagement content on a variety of media platforms in an effort to engage and lure in customers and prospects. In fact, that’s expressly the idea with the Kindle campaign. Jon Haber, U.S. director of OMD’s Ignition
Factory, the agency behind the campaign, told Ad Age, “We were looking at the Kindle as a new concept platform that no one
has figured out. And while there is no advertising model on it yet, we still
saw it as an opportunity to use our client’s content as advertising.”

In addition to building interest and buzz around the series, which premieres next week, the camapign doubly blessed with a first mover advantage factor. Just as the first campaigns in virtual worlds went down in history more for their PR value than for taking advantage of any real marketing opportunities in new media channels, so too will first ad campaigns on newer platforms such as e-book readers. Expect a slew of me-too marketers to follow in Showtime’s footsteps. But when it comes to the hype factor, the first one in usually wins the game.