Bowen Craggs has published a study on how the 60 biggest corporations’ sites rank in terms of serving the media, customers and investors.

The FT Bowen Craggs Index studied 20 corporate websites from Europe, 20 from the US, and 20 from the rest of the world. Of the top ten websites, eight were from Europe, and two from the US.

The top ten in the list were:

  1. Siemens (Germany)
  2. Royal Dutch Shell (Netherlands/UK)
  3. BP (UK)
  4. Nokia (Finland)
  5. AstraZeneca (Sweden/UK)
  6. Total (France)
  7. IBM (US)
  8. ING (Netherlands)
  9. UBS (Switzerland)
  10. General Electric (US)

Serving jobseekers UBS ranked highly for this, as it provides a dedicated section for jobseekers, providing a self-assessment form, and videos of young staff explaining what the company is like to work for.

Serving the media – Many sites were poor in serving the media, though Siemens and Cisco Systems ranked well for this metric. Both provided press releases and media contact information as well as plenty of background material.

The worst sites - These tended to be from Russia and Saudi Arabia; though Japan’s corporate websites didn’t come off well from the survey. Pointless use of Flash, crude superimposition of text on pictures, and oversized fonts were among the criticisms.