A survey of the UK’s home computing habits has revealed that over-55s are the most frequent home PC users in the UK.

The Microsoft survey of 1,000 UK PC users found that 95% of those aged 55 and over used the internet on a daily basis, compared with 85% of 16-24 year olds. Seventy seven percent of the group go online more than once a day, compared with 72% of 16-24s.

The survey backs up other research pointing to the growing importance of silver surfers – an AXA survey back in February, for example, found that over 55s preferred surfing the net to more traditional pastimes.

Hitwise stats from May also found that silver surfers were close to becoming the largest demographic group online and accounted for 22% of all internet visits in May.

Other stats from the Microsoft survey include:

  • Only 20% of over 55s visit social networks, while this figure is 60% for the 16-24 age group.
  • Online shopping was the most popular online activity, with 83% of all PC users regularly buying online, 73% browsing e-commerce sites, while 40% also sell online.