Jakob Nielsen’s latest article looks at site redesign tips which will lead to increased sales and improved customer loyalty.

Nielsen has 10 redesign recommendations that are the most likely to increase return on investment for your website, most of which should be relatively simple to implement.

It’s good stuff, as ever. Here’s a selection:

Email newsletters – Nielsen argues that this is the best action you can take to improve your internet presence. They help you maintain a relationship with your customers even when they are not visiting your site. Newsletters are an excellent way of avoiding too much dependence on search engines, though you shouldn’t publish newsletters too frequently.

Reordering – Customers will often want the same things again and again from a site, especially in the case of ordering groceries online. Let customers order the same things from their previous shopping lists.

Appeal to ‘silver surfers’ – This is one of the fastest growing groups of internet users, and also a group that is often poorly catered for on the web. Nielsen argues that, as many silver surfers are retired and wealthy, making your site user friendly for this group could be profitable.

Improve photography – This is a good way to improve product pages, and display the product you are selling in the best possible way. Nielsen suggests displaying a smaller photo of the item as the main photo, followed by a series of shots from different angles. In addition, you should allow customer to view larger photographs of the product, as close to full screen as possible.

See Nielsen’s article for the tips in full, or for more on retail user experience, see our Online Retail User Experience Benchmarks study.