Fresh Apps, currently in beta, aims to make it easier to search and find useful iPhone apps than is currently possible on iTunes.

Fresh Apps

It can be tricky to search through the sheer number of apps in the iTunes Store, so has Fresh Apps made it a smoother process? 

Fresh Apps aims to better the iTunes app search by building a Digg-style community to vote up and review the best applications for the iPhone, using a ‘freshness’ rating.

The freshest apps are then displayed on the front page, according to how many votes have been cast. Details of the app are displayed alongside reviews and a link to more information:

Fresh apps review

This information is useful, but doesn’t really add anything to what is already available on the iTunes store.

The iTunes page for the Wikipanion app contains the same product description and screenshot as Fresh Apps, and also shows other apps by the same developer, and other apps downloaded by customers, both potentially useful discovery tools:

iTunes app page

The problem with searching through the App Store on iTunes is that there are so many apps to search through and beyond the featured apps and the top ten lists, there aren’t enough tools to help you filter your searches, leaving you with too many apps to browse through in some categories.

Unfortunately, Fresh Apps does little to solve this problem. I was hoping that the browse function on the site would help you drill down into categories and help you narrow your search, but instead all you get is 485 apps over 48 pages, with no way of refining your search.

Aside from these problems, the site looks good and, as suggested by ReadWriteWeb, if it can get enough people to participate by voting and commenting on apps, it could be a useful resource.

At the moment, though it claims on the homepage that iTunes stinks; Fresh Apps hasn’t managed to do a better job itself so far.

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