Viewzi offers an alternative to the traditional text view of search results. It recently launched in beta, so we’ve taken a look.

Viewzi search

Viewzi may not be as comprehensive as Google but it is arguably more appealing to look at and offers more customisation options.

For instance, searchers can choose to view image results only:

Viewzi image search view

Viewzi has a number of such options, which it calls ‘views’. After entering a search term, users can choose whichever view is most suited to a particular search.

For instance, if your search is shopping related, you can choose a view that gives you results from eBay, Amazon, Wal-mart and Target:

Viewzi shopping search

If you’re searching for a band or actor, for instance, Viewzi will give you an mp3 search, or video views, which aggregates results from YouTube:

Viewzi video search

Viewzi has twelve of these ‘views’ for searchers to choose from at the moment, which also include news, celebrity photos, weather, books and a basic text search.

Many of these options can be provided by Google, especially with the introduction of universal search, but Viewzi allows you to separate these different searches and is also much more visually appealing.

Viewzi has raised around $1m in seed funding so far and expects a full round of funding in the next six months.

It describes itself as…

…”a search platform able to morph into any number of user interfaces using any number of different data sources as the situation calls for. Further, it’s a search that will allow designers and developers to create their own search experience from front end to the back end via a publicly available API.”

While Viewzi cannot match Google for speed or efficiency, it is an excellent alternative for niche searches.

We have 250 invites for Viewzi’s private beta. To take a look, simply sign up for the beta test using the referral code ‘econsultancy’. Let us know what you think…

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