Storytelling in marketing terms isn’t just about producing an advert with a narrative, it’s about telling the story of the ‘brand’ across multiple channels, and using various tools and methods to do so.

Storytelling can give credibility and personality to brands, helping to build more meaningful relationships with customers by either highlighting the people behind the brand, creating a distinct tone of voice, or by using the history of the brand to broaden the richness and authenticity of a story.

During challenging times, storytelling can also be powerful driver of loyalty, helping to reassure consumers and instil trust. Here are six case studies that prove its value.


Spotify uses data-driven storytelling to create its annual ‘Spotify Wrapped’ campaign, which sums up the biggest streaming trends of the year - and the cultural events that defined them.

For its 2019 campaign, Spotify extended Wrapped to an entire decade, bringing to life the biggest hits (and guilty pleasures) of the past ten years. From the amount of people who regularly listen to Bonnie Tyler’s ‘Total Eclipse of the Heart’, to some of the best and weirdest playlist names (such as “Manbuns and Fidget Spinners”) - Spotify brought to life the listening habits of its users with a clever OOH and digital campaign.

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