02 Priority Moments

This loyalty program offers rewards and discounts to customers of O2 via mobile apps. 

Cherry London was tasked with making this the most used loyalty programme in the UK. To do this, it created a tiered reward structure, and a targeted approach based on value, using real time location based insight.

Each reward performed a function, such as driving engagement, rewardig loyalty, to acquire or re-activate a lapsed user, or increase overall satisfaction.

The results:

  • Millions of registrants to Priority Moments.
  • More than 1bn offers have been viewed to date, and five Priority Moments are redeemed every minute.  

L’Oreal INOA colour capture app

This campaign, created by In the Company of Huskies, aimed to help drive consumer footfall into salons to experience INOA, L’Oréal Professionnel’s ‘most innovative hair colour to date’. 

The app enabled consumers in the UK and Ireland to grab either a complementary INOA hair colour service and/or a free INOA Colorcare sample pack by downloading the app and capturing augmented reality colour bubbles around participating salons.

The results:

  • Over the course of the six week campaign, mobile voucher redemption rate over the course of the campaign was 20%, compared to an industry average of approximately 8%.
  • 13,914 unique registered devices actively engaged with the app.
  • 11,752 vouchers were claimed and 20% were redeemed.
  • These drove an additional 2,398 customers into salons across the UK and Ireland.

IKEA catalog app

This campaign, from McCann New York, aimed to  re-inject inspiration into the world’s oldest direct marketing campaign: the IKEA catalogue, transforming it into an interactive platform.  

The app allowed users to unlock extra content by scanning the pages, thus enchancing the user experience. 

The results: 

  • Globally, the app was the number one downloaded marketing app for a brand in 2012 and the catalogue received three times the attention of the 2011 catalogue.
  • The revamped experience across print and app increased engagement significantly. Users spent an average of eight minutes with the app compared to three minutes with just the catalogue.
  • 6.2m installs.

Halifax Home Finder app

Halifax’s Home Finder app, created by MEC, is a research tool for property hunters, and combines Zoopla data with an augmented reality layer and mortgage calculator. 


The results: 

  • 20m+ unique users reached.
  • 0.90% CTR (based on engagements versus clicks).
  • 96,000 incremental downloads driven out of a total of 114,000 (up to October 2012).
  • Over 100k views of the demonstration video on YouTube.

The Co-operative: driving education and awareness through mobile

This campaign from MediaCom iLab aimed to drive awareness of Co-operative’s youbng drivers insurance, which uses a telemetics device fitted to cars to record their driving behaviour. 

The app allows potential customers to try the product before purchasing. 

The results: 

  • In the first week, the app was downloaded over 1100 times, exceeding the target (100 per week) by over 1000%.
  • Within the first four weeks of activity it was downloaded over 3500 times.
  • The original target cost per download (CPD) was set at £31.88 and in the first four weeks a CPD of £0.91 was achieved.

LG Ticket Hunter

This campaign, created by Mindshare UK, aimed to help LG reach a younger female audience for its L-series handset campaign.

Mindshare created a Twitter-based mobile game called LG Ticket Hunter in order to create buzz, and demonstrate what the LG brand is about.

25 secret locations were set up, each hiding a pair of exclusive VIP tickets for One Direction at the LG Arena, and a map zooming in on the location of each one. As people tweeted #lgtickethunter, the map zooms more, until the location is revealed. 

The results:

  • The campaign achieved 58,000 uses of the #lgtickethunter hashtag in five days, and promoted tweets achieved a 37% engagement rate (compared to an 11% average).
  • 9,420 people visited the site, with 40% of the traffic over the campaign being repeat visits.
  • The site received 40,000 page views in total (not bad for a site with one page).
  • The L-series phone saw a 28% increase in sales during the campaign. 


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