User experience is a complex subject as it crosses various digital disciplines. Here, to accompany the release of Econsultancy’s User Experience Buyer’s Guide, we’ve rooted out six thought-provoking and inspirational slideshare presentations that approach this wide subject from different perspectives.

The presentations tie in with the trends explored within the guide, such as companies continuing to invest in this particular sector (despite the recession), a focus on initiatives to improve conversion and retention, rather than acquisition, a huge shift in processes becoming more strategic and the increasing relevance of social media.

Hopefully you’ll find something of use below, but if you’re feeling that exploring this subject visually isn’t enough by itself and that you need something more text-based, you can also check out the various articles we’ve written over the past year or so.

10 Most Common Misconceptions About User Experience Design

View more presentations from Whitney Hess.

Experience Design: Why Pages Are The Last Thing You Need To Worry About

View more presentations from Tim Richards.

Designing the User Experience

View more documents from James Breeze.

User Experience Pain Free

View more presentations from RossC0.

Politics Of Usability 09

View more presentations from Michael Rawlins.

Improving Interface Design

View more presentations from Garrett Dimon.

For more information about user experience and agencies offering related services, download our new User Experience Buyer’s Guide 2009.

The guide includes a valuation of the sector, a SWOT analysis and examines trends in the marketplace as well as giving guidance about how to select the most appropriate agency to suit your organisation’s objectives. The report is UK-focused but relevant globally.

Agencies profiled in the report: AbilityNet, Amberlight, Bunnyfoot, Clearleft, cxpartners, Experience Solutions, fhios, Flow Interactive, Foolproof, Foviance, Human Factors Europe, The Lighthouse Experience, Nomensa, PRWD, RedEye optimum.web, Serco Usability Services, Simple Usability, Spotless Interactive, System Concepts, The Usability Lab, UsabilityWorks, Userfocus, User Vision, we are: london, Webcredible, Web Usability Partnership (WUP)