What would you like to see as a paid search tool on Facebook Open Graph (integrating Bing) and why?

Ryan Jones, Asst. PPC Manager at Search Laboratory: 

1. The ability to manage both Facebook and Bing ads from the same platform

This would definitely be a benefit. I’m not sure how it would work given that targeting methods are so different, but anything that could simplify setup would be good.

As an aside, technical support for Facebook campaigns tends to be very patchy, so if in this scenario Bing’s support team (which is pretty decent) could also offer help with Facebook issues, that would be a major bonus. Also if billing could be combined, that would be good.

Last time I ran a campaign on Facebook, you couldn’t get invoice billing, only credit card. Not sure if that’s still the case, but if it is, the option to get a combined Bing/Facebook invoice would be great.

2. Keyword based advertising

To an extent I guess you can do this by targeting words that people have explicitly listed amongst their interests, but that is quite limited, so if you could perhaps target ads based on what people have mentioned in their statuses/comments etc. as well, that would be potentially interesting – albeit slightly invasive! 

Dave Trolle, Head of Direct Response Summit Media

1. Switch Facebook Graph Search ads on and off

2. Develop unique creative and bid strategies for both Facebook and Bing

Time will tell as to whether Bing will make any of the above possible. In my opinion this would largely depend on Facebook’s long term commitment to Bing ad integration.

Facebook users are generally in a passive browsing mode rather than an active buying mode, which has historically made Facebook’s CPC advertising a challenging direct response tactic. For this reason it is paramount that we have the ability to implement different strategies for Facebook Graph Search and Bing.

Emmanuel Arendarczyk, Head of NetBooster Premium

1. Carry previous searches through to display retargeting

Gathering information such as “hotels that my friends went to in Bangkok” through Facebook search graph, on top of grabbing the info that the internet user has been looking for hotels in Bangkok in a searchengine, could help serve a very targeted banner or even a landing page that would show a hotel that corresponds to the user’s criteria with his friend in it.

2. Manage both Facebook and Bing ads from the same platform

It would mean you could use the same targeting features for both platforms and therefore specifically bid (i.e. bid more) for the keyphrase “buy a SUV” for instance for users who liked the Nissan Juke page on the Nissan website through opengraph.