Monetizing a blog can be hard. If you’re using WordPress, eliminate some of the time you’re probably spending managing your ads so that you can focus on producing great content and finding ways to better monetize that content.

Here are 6 WordPress plugins to help you do just that.

  • AdSense Manager

    This plugin helps you manage ads on your blog for AdSense, AdBrite, AdGridWork, Adpinion, Adroll, Commission Junction, CrispAds, ShoppingAds, Yahoo Publisher Network and WidgetBucks.

  • Smart Ads

    Posting ads near your content can boost results. Smart Ads will automatically insert ads above and below your post content. Smart Ads also allows you to insert ads into the middle of your posts using a tag. It can be configured to display ads after posts are more than a certain number of days old.

  • Ozh’ Who Sees Ads

    This plugin enables you to configure who ads are displayed to using a variety of conditions and criteria.

  • AdSense Revenue Sharing 1.2

    If you have multiple people writing for your blog and want to share revenues by giving everyone a piece of the ad inventory, AdSense Revenue Sharing is a useful plugin.

  • Context Ad Wrapper

    The effectiveness of ad targeting is important to results so Context Ad Wrapper mark the key parts of your blog post so that advertising services like Google AdSense and Kontera best identify the relevant post content.

  • WP-Affiliate

    If you run affiliate programs, WP-Affiliate helps you link to them from your blog and offers link masking.