Bingo The UK’s bingo players are up in arms over the imminent smoking ban, and the smokers amongst them have said they will visit bingo clubs less often, and spend more time online.

St Minver, which operates the world’s largest bingo network, has carried out a survey of 3,000 UK bingo players to find out their attitudes towards the ban, which comes into effect from 1st July.

The survey results suggest that the ban will benefit online gaming services, as  of smoking bingo players reduce time spent in bingo clubs:

  • 62% of bingo players are smokers –  33% of them will play less often, while 21% will stop playing in clubs altogether.
  • Just 14% of smokers said that they will kick the habit so they can continue playing.
  • 63% of smokers will increase the amount they spend playing online as a result of the ban.

According to St Minver, there are around 3m bingo players in the UK, with an increasing trend towards playing the game online.