A significant percentage of this is related to social media marketing specifically, with tools ranging from campaign optimisation to influencer management.

For social media bods, it can be hard to know what’s worth investing in (and what’s not). With this in mind, here’s a run-down of a few of the best social media and customer relationship tools, along with their benefits.

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MeetEdgar is a social media management platform for small businesses, not too dissimilar from the arguably more well-known platform, Hootsuite. Both tools allow users to schedule posts to be shared on social media accounts.

However, MeetEdgar also allows you to automatically re-share content over time, allowing those who might have previously missed the post to see it. Unlike Hootsuite – which deletes updates after they’ve been posted – MeetEdgar stores all updates in a content library. This means that you can re-use them at a later date, and there are no limitations on the amount of updates you can queue.

MeetEdgar is available at a flat rate of $49 per month or $539 a year and does not offer a free trial.


Social media marketing is not just about brand awareness or campaign optimisation. It is also an important tool for companies involved in social selling, employee advocacy, recruiting and internal communications.

EveryoneSocial is a platform that helps companies with all of the above. Its programme helps marketers sell and boost brand visibility through the social connections of their organisation’s employees.

Through EveryoneSocial’s web and mobile apps, users can aggregate, review, approve and push content out to followers across different channels (N.B. It’s worth considering the policies of social networks such as Twitter when automating content from multiple accounts).

As well as the outward facing benefits of employee advocacy, EveryoneSocial is also valuable in terms of how it empowers and fosters positive sentiment from the workforce.

A demo for EveryoneSocial is available, but the team must be contacted to create a bespoke pricing plan.


Social listening is an invaluable tool for companies that want to gain a better understanding of how customers perceive them (and what they want). Meltwater enables this by sifting through social media and other online data, allowing companies to monitor everything that’s relevant to their brand.

One thing that offers a point of difference for Meltwater is that it goes beyond social, monitoring news stories in both broadcast and print media globally. The AI-driven algorithm offers in-depth analysis of the data to help companies understand trends and sentiment.

The cost of Meltwater varies depending on needs, and the team must be contacted to offer a quote.


Finally, for companies looking for a more data-driven approach, Quintly offers rich and insightful analysis of social media performance. It allows users to track and measure their performance on social, as well as optimise campaigns and strategy. The tool also allows users to create their own custom KPIs, so there’s no need to track irrelevant metrics.

A huge benefit of Quintly is that it takes away the time-consuming task of manually compiling reports, allowing social media marketers to focus on insight and analysis.

Quintly offers a free demo, and pricing plans starting at $100 per month for small businesses, rising to $480 for large businesses.

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