From YouTube collaborations to sponsored Snapchats, there are many opportunities for brands to utilise this innovative medium. 

Taken from our most recent Social Quarterly 2016, here are some of the biggest visual trends for social this year.

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1. Now gone in 60 seconds

Instagram is no longer reserved for the #nofilter humble brag.

The platform has long supported videos as well as photos, but up until recently there was a restriction of just 15 seconds.

With the recent increase to 60 seconds, Instagram has now expanded the potential for video marketing on its channel.

From behind the scenes of music shoots to mini make-up tutorials, these bitesize clips will allow users and brands alike to invest more time building their presence on the platform as well as an overall social strategy for video.

2. (Don’t) skip in five seconds 

In a recent analysis of 56 case studies, it was shown that YouTube advertising delivered higher ROI than television.

With brands like Mars UK and Danone seeing at least double the ROI on YouTube, further investment in ads created specifically for the platform seems likely.

What’s more, with the amount of hours people spend watching YouTube consistently on the rise, the platform could even dominate traditional television as a whole.

3. Location location location

Snapchat’s filters remain one of the most popular features of its platform. Now, both regular users and brands can create and upload location-based filters.

Whether a tourist attraction or a neighbourhood coffee shop, this is great news for businesses that want to create extra hype or attract a younger audience.

4. Power of the YouTube generation

Advertising is not the only reason for brands to use YouTube.

It was recently reported that 30% of parents would spend more on an item of clothing for their child if it had been endorsed or promoted by an influencer

With the likes of Alfie Deyes and Marcus Butler garnering upwards of 5m subscribers on their main channels alone, and even releasing their very own lines of merchandise, there is no doubting the selling power of YouTube favourites.

5. Move over QVC

Home shopping channels have always had a rather gaudy reputation, however Amazon’s recent foray into television is looking to break the mould.

Broadcast free for all viewers, ‘Style Code Live’ was the brand’s attempt to merge the shopping and streaming experience into one. 

Reviews have been mixed to say the least, however it certainly signals a shift in the way brands are beginning to communicate with customers.

For more insight into the world of social, download the Social Quarterly Q2 2016.