New stats from Socialbakers suggest that Sunday is the most engaging day for brands on Facebook, especially for the FMCG and Telecoms sectors. 

The company reviewed user activity by the week and hour for over 10m Facebook pages and places to reveal a snapshot of the best times of the week to score maximum engagement for brands within social media. 

Socialbakers CEO Jan Rezab said that to maximise fan engagement, brands need to tailor social media updates according to their audiences browsing habits.

While they must maintain engagement throughout the week, brand should consider posting their most compelling content at times of peak engagement to ensure the greatest online brand buzz.” 

Socialbakers highlights four verticals with the most interesting results, starting with automotive brands that see image-heavy posts create the most engagement – on Tuesdays (0.11%) and Wednesdays (0.10%).

Telecoms brands also see visual posts creating high levels of engagement, with 0.11% responding to a photo on Sundays (with a peak at 7am) compared to 0.06% on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

FMCG brands, unsurprisingly, are all about the photos – across the board and on every day. Levels of engagement are slightly higher across the board, with Sunday again proving to be the most fruitful at 0.16%.

Media brands see links produce the most engagement, at 0.07% on a Monday – when people are getting back to their desks and want to read up on stories from the weekend perhaps.  

Other findings shows that responsiveness of brands to fan posts on Facebook is on the up, with response rates up 15.5% since October last year, when just 5% of posts got a response from a brand. 

We’ve written several posts on maximising Facebooke engagement of late, including highlighting 10 of best the brand Timelines, and research showing that just 82% of brang pages are updated less than five ties a month. Though picking your time wisely is important – consistency, and regularity, is also key.