Sony’s social media specialist, Callan Green, states:

Pinterest has been a critical tool in helping us expand our social media community. Our page lets us interact with a lifestyle audience, allows us to beautifully reflect the spirit of the brand through images, and best of all, drives revenue to our site.

Here Sony brings the social media expansion to your inbox:

Sony sent out its first Pinterest optimised email in May 2013. The subject line read ‘Let Our Pinterest Page Spark Your Imagination. Follow Us and Start Pinning’. 

Its goal was to drive email subscribers to its Pinterest page and acquire new followers.

It’s a media-rich document, that doesn’t overwhelm the reader with links and images. It highlights just four boards for the reader, but makes the images large and appealing to multiple demographics. 

The email is also steered towards people who may not understand the functionality of Pinterest. Sony describes the uniqueness of the social channel at the top of the page. 

Sony also doesn’t forget to add other social link buttons to the bottom of the email, as well as an important link to a store locator.

I previously looked at Sony’s Pinterest page as part of five brands that are nailing pinterest. At that time (16 October 2013) Sony had 38,278 followers and featured 31 boards with 1,453 pins. Sony currently has 600 more followers two weeks after that post.

Two weeks after the initial email was sent, the same email was re-sent to non-openers. Triggered email open rates are normally four times higher than newsletters.

This two week period allows for time to view results properly and study the engagement. Sony also typically only resends emails for key marketing campaigns, so this shows a deep commitment to Pinterest and an awareness that Pinterest is a key driver for sales.

The re-send led to a 15% increase in subscribers, as well as contributing to a significant jump in followers. 

Sony has also added a ‘Most pinned banner’ to some of its emails. This has driven more than 2,900 visits to Sony’s own ecommerce site every month since launch.

Integrating Pinterest into its email has also led to a 70% higher average open rate, and an average 18% higher CTR. 

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