Sony Pictures Television Ad Sales (SPT Ad Sales) has signed a deal with SocialVibe to bring what it calls ‘value-exchange engagement’ ads to the Latin American market.

This format allows advertisers to offer consumers rewards such as access to premium content or a donation to a charity in return for their attention, based on an opt-in model. 

SocialVibe’s partnership with SPT Ad Sales (an example of which is shown below) will allow brands to interact with consumers through social platforms such as Facebook or games like Farmville.

Sony internet advert from SocialVibe

The theory is that as these ads are user-initiated, consumers are more receptive to the message – and are more likely to share them across their social networks.

SocialVibe says some of it ads have achieved up to a 40% share rate, and in May Facebook began using the company as part of its Facebook Credits scheme.

According to a study by SocialVibe and KN Dimestore, 91% of people look for or pay attention to the brand message when interacting with incentivised ads, and brand perception increases by an average of 38% after engagement.

The study found that positive perception of a brand increased after using an incentivised engagement regardless of the vertical.

However Tim Schwarz, online marketing manager for Sony Europe Consumer Electronics, said he isn’t aware of any plans to roll out the ad format in other markets.